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Rachelle Beinart

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I grew up as a gymnast and embarked on a career as a stunt performer. Needless to say, since I was a child, I have had numerous injuries and have attended many practitioners from osteopaths, chiropractors, physios, spiritual healers to acupuncturists.

I always had good results, however the most effective treatment I received was when I attended The Chestnut Clinic of Integrated Japanese Medicine. I discovered that having acupuncture, realignment & massage in the one treatment caused longer lasting results within my ongoing physical imbalances. Now I no longer have any chronic conditions which is a great feeling!

My interest in holistic medicine went deeper and I decided to embark on a three year qualification with The Chestnut School to become a fellow practitioner of Japanese Medicine, so I could bring this treatment to even more people. I currently still work as a stunt performer in the film & tv industry, however I also run a part-time clinic In Benson, Oxfordshire where I can meet new patients and help to improve their physical well being.

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Patient Feedback

I have been seeing Rachelle for approximately 1 year, and I highly recommend her as a practitioner. 
I have a stage 4 endometriosis which is a complicated and painful disease, without a cure!
It leads to a number of areas requiring attention!
Rachelle's treatments are a full body holistic approach, combining a combination of acupuncture, corrections, remedial massage and herbs if required. She helps to ease both the physical and emotional factors of the disease.
I have often walked in feeling like hell and left with a spring in my step. 
I always sleep better, move more freely, have reduced pain, lower the need for powerful pain medications and relate to others better following a treatment.
I'm extremely grateful to have found her, as I tried just about everything!

Donna B - Vet Nurse, Animal Physio

Rachelle has a great understanding of a working athlete’s body due to all the physical training she’s been through herself.
As a working stunt performer, I find her combination of acupuncture, massage and realignment really effective, giving me the best results in terms of recovery time and helping me get back to work.
Her knowledge of nutrition is also great and really beneficial if you’re struggling with something that requires particular attention. I highly recommend her for her unique all round approach to treatment. 

Sarah L. - Stunt Performer

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