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Vegan Recipe of the Week!

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Week 2 - Veggie Pot Pie

This week we're going homely and a little bit fancy, with the Vegetable Pot Pie!

I like this one for several reasons, you can change the ingredients to whatever suits your tastes, you can make extra cheese sauce and freeze the leftovers to make a cheesecake with (recipe coming next week!) and it's also really delicious and filling.

My top tips for this recipe:

For the pie crust, the recipe suggests using store bought puff pastry. You can buy this in all the main supermarkets and they are usually vegan, but a lot of them contain palm oil, so check the ingredients first. It is really tasty with puff pastry on top. Alternatively you can make your own pie crust with this recipe (tried and tested by me!) -

For the cheese sauce - it's worth buying the big bag of cashew nuts from Sainsburys for £7 - as you'll be obsessed with this cheese sauce for carbonara, lasagna or desserts and will be using a lot of cashew nuts to make it! Make it without the garlic & black pepper first if you're intending on making extra for cheesecake, then add garlic/pepper and blitz once you've poured half out.

Lastly, on top of any vegetables you fancy adding, may I suggest for a little protein boost and smokey flavour? Buy the 'Taifun Smoked Tofu' from Waitrose or certain health food shops. It's ready to eat so you can chop it up and add it just before the pie goes into the oven. It's delicious and adds a great firm texture to the dish.

Enjoy!!! Let me know if you may it as I wanna hear how it goes. Pair it with a fancy side salad or if you are serving lots of people and have a smaller portion of the pie, a sweet potato salad would be more filling and go really well xx

Website with the recipe and further tips:

Week 1 - Tofu Quiche

Not gonna lie, since Game Changers exploded onto Netflix, I've been inundated with messages from my friends asking for advice on how to go vegan or for recipe ideas. I don't know if I have been as helpful as I would like, as I'm pretty sure all that information is out there on the internet somewhere . . . you just have to find it. But I realise that if you're new to the game, you may not know where to look or what's not just vegan, but healthy and nutritionally balanced. I've decided to find my favourite recipes, which I've made and loved and post them on here so you can try them too!

First things first, if you're going strict vegan make sure you're taking a supplement of B12, it's the only thing you cannot get from a vegan diet. This is my favourite one to take - It has B12, Iodine (I don't like seaweed), Iron & D3 - so a nice all round boost.

My online recipe this week is Quiche! Which is delicious and fairly exciting for me as I never liked quiche pre-veganism. You can adapt the recipe as you please, however one thing I wouldn't skip is the Nutritional Yeast. Not only is it packed with B12 but it add a great flavour to the quiche, a nutty, cheese flavour. Nutritional Yeast is a must to keep in the cupboard, you can add it to any pasta dish, bolognese etc The store 'The Grape Tree' does one cheaply (and big bags of nuts always on sale!) - otherwise buy it on amazon:

Silken Tofu you can buy in any supermarket, usually in the section with the quinoa and beans. The tofu mean this quiche is high in protein and if you add broccoli and cavolo nero then you've got iron too, just play with it depending on what you need that day. Otherwise, try and enjoy! Goes well with a nice side salad ;) xx

From the website - Check out for other recipes also.


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